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What would you say is your greatest strength? How will it benefit United Medical Centers?
What is your greatest weakness? What are some areas that you feel you need to improve on regarding your profession? Your career goals?
How are you going to overcome it? How are you planning to achieve your goals?
What is the greatest asset you will bring to United Medical Centers?
Why do you want to work for United Medical Centers?
Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
What aspects of this job would you consider most crucial?
What area of your skills do you need to improve upon in the next year?
How do you approach your work from the standpoint of balancing your career with your personal life?
Have you worked variable schedules? Shifts? If so, did you have any problems meeting your employer schedule(s) of operation?
If you are not selected for the position you are applying for at this time, and based on our skills and experience, which other position would you like to be considered for in the future?
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