Cindy Rodriguez

August 14, 2019 | by itsupport

Software Support Specialist | Del Rio, TX

Cindy started working in the healthcare industry in 1976 after completing her CNA certification in California. In 1994, with experience in clinical, general medical office clerk, and cashiering, she obtained a Financial Counselor position in UMC Del Rio. Cindy's role soon included processing insurances and posting payments. She served as Next in Charge in the Del Rio Business Office Department for several years. This added processing the staff schedules and payroll documentation to her duties.

Cindy transferred to the IS Department in early 2000. As an EDP Technician, she assisted Carlos in processing the increased volume of electronic claims. Her other duties were processing the daily Medicare/Medicaid FQHC Adjustments, training, and processing the monthly electronic patient statements.

Cindy’s favorite pastimes are spending time with her family and relaxing playing Angry Birds.

User Accounts

Activation and Deactivation
I create the user accounts for Citrix, Inbit, and Intergy, and as needed I notify TACHC to create a UMC TACHC email address.
Every user account requires several steps to create. Once created, I then add all the applicable settings and customization needed for each role. As staff is available, I review the logon/logoff process for each system with the user. I am also responsible for maintaining this documentation for HIPAA Security Risk compliance. The last step in creating a User Account is to document the information in the Employee Database and notate the following details in the corresponding User Account Helpdesk ticket, as applicable, for each employee logon:

Requested access has been created for [staff name], Windows/Citrix/Intergy and Inbit.
Walked thru the Logon process - staff verified to me that access was successful.
Printer test page was successful - the default printer is [add printer name]
Reviewed with staff how to set default printers.
TACHC access was successful via link in Inbit, [add staff]

I also mentioned that Intergy is not available before 7:30 A.M. unless ok'd by IT Staff.

For End of Month all Staff must be off the computer system by 6:00 P.M.

Log off computer when going to lunch and/or away from the workstation.

Ntfd staff to use the Account Number (Patient Number) instead of a patient name in the Helpdesk ticket system.

Ntfd staff regarding email: do not send out ePHI on the Subject line nor on the message Body. To send ePHI they must attach it on an Encrypted/Passworded document: Word, Excel, and PDF.

Showed staff where to find ID # for TeamViewer on the workstation.

Showed staff Inbit Links for UMC & IS Security Policies & HIPAA Training Materials folder.

Added Inbit Notification icon for user

This Helpdesk ticket is printed and filed in the Active User Account HIPAA binder. HIPAA Security Risk compliance requires that we maintain these records for the active life of the logon.

A supervisor or department leader submits a Remove User Account Helpdesk ticket to authorize IS to remove an employee's network access. I remove all access to the systems maintained by the IS Department, transfer pending items as indicated by the supervisors, add applicable restrictions to the logons, request deactivation, or temporary routing, for the UMC TACHC email address, update the Employee Database, document in the corresponding Remove User Account Helpdesk ticket and transfer all documents from the Active binder to the Deactivated User Account HIPAA binder. HIPAA Security Risk compliance requires that we maintain these records on file six years after the logons were last used. The HR Department periodically sends us a summary of terminated employees. This list is used as a final Control to review that supervisors have submitted all User Account Helpdesk tickets authorizing the Deactivation of these logons. My supervisor will report any findings to the applicable department leadership so they can submit a Remove User Account Helpdesk ticket to authorize IS to remove an employee's network access.

IS Liaison

I serve as the IS Liaison for Brackettville and the Laboratory/Radiology Departments. I am their first point of contact when any IS assistance is needed with their IS-managed systems or with the annual Security Risk Assessment.


I provide coverage for the other Software Support team as needed on tasks requiring immediate attention.

HIPAA Security Risk

My other Security Risk duties include monitoring the Intergy logon failures log on a daily basis and to maintain the following HIPAA Security Risk compliance binders: Security Risk Training and Awareness, Active User Accounts, and Deactivated User Accounts.

Administrative Assistant

My Administrative Assistant duties include answering phone calls, assisting vendors and other IS Bldg guests, plus hosting and facilitating IS meetings and training sessions. I also monitor the Helpdesk Ticket system to assist users with any missing information and assign queued tickets as needed. Additionally, I review and process all the Greenway Health and PACS invoice documents.

Special Projects

As a member of the Software Support team, I assist in various IT projects as needed. Some of our projects include setting up the workstations and other IT equipment in the Green Cluster and at EIC, setting up and updating the workstations' TeamViewer and labels, gathering the inventory data for the IT Equipment Inventory and assisting with checking the Intergy system after each upgrade.

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