Martha Elguezabal

August 14, 2019 | by itsupport
| Del Rio, TX

Chief Information Officer | Del Rio, TX

Martha started her IT career as a Computer Lab and Faculty Assistant at DeVry University in 1985. Graduating with highest honors, she earned her Associate and Bachelor of Science Degrees in Information Systems just before her 21st birthday. Eventually joining the UMC workforce in 1991, Martha supervised the Computer Department, which supported less than 5 stand-alone Servers and 15 workstations throughout the tri-county area. The team of three, trained users, they set up workstations, peripherals, and managed the server backups. They created and ran system reports including end of month and end of year processes as well as printed paper claims and processed electronic billing. Martha's knowledge in Programming and Systems Analysis helped her to facilitate UMC's transition from manual tallies and batch posting to effective daily data capture that translates to today's expansive UMC IT Network; needed in order to support our ever growing organization's IT needs.

Through her relationship with Resource America, Martha also consulted with several Community Health Centers. Traveling throughout the US, she assisted with their system's implementation, customization, training, and reporting needs, the nearest in Uvalde and the farthest in Puerto Rico.

Returning to DeVry University as an online student, Martha earned with Distinction a Master of Science Degree in Information Systems Management in 2007. She selected their Health Management track because of its focus on technology in the health care environment. In addition to the standard managerial courses, others focused on electronic health records systems, the HIPAA Rules with an emphasis on the Security Rule Specifications and Requirements, and Change Management. This made this track an excellent match to her role as UMC's Chief Information Officer, which also serves as the HIPAA-required Information Security Officer.

In her free time, Martha enjoys family time, traveling, helping at church, and playing with her dogs Daisy and Smokey.

Department Supervision

As the IS Department leader, it is my privilege to oversee an amazing and hardworking team. Each has shown a dedication to excellence and loyalty to our mission, vision, and values. Their skills, potential, and determination produce a team that continually strives to effectively support a significantly novice client-base with ever changing needs on a constantly evolving network.

Additional coverage for department supervision is provided by the IS Assistant Director. As needed, the Software Support Coordinator who serves as a primary resource for the Software Support team will also cover the next-in-charge duties.


I review all IT related contracts including these vendor's BAAs and invoices. Taking a lead role and working with TACHC staff and our IS staff, we ensure all IT contracts serve UMC's best interest.

An important part of IS support involves meeting our customer's needs for requests from outside sources, contractual obligations, third party payer claims, Program/Grant requirements, and various audits. It is crucial for a successful deliverable for IS Staff to always be familiarized with applicable support request source documents; Contracts, program manuals, or audit notification letters. If not otherwise available, please submit a de-identified/redacted copy of the original source document with your support request.


Serving as the Information Security Officer, I am responsible for developing UMC's IS Security Policies ensuring that we are in compliance with security requirements mandated by federal, state, regulatory, and funding agencies. The IS Department works with TACHC and other resources to ensure we have up-to-date IS Security Policies. We review the technical and administrative aspects of each policy annually. We provide printed and electronic access to all IS Security Policies. Additionally, as applicable to each IS staff role, we review all UMC Policies and maintain UMC Policies binders at the DR and EP IS offices. The UMC Policies are now also available to staff via our Network folders set up for each department's policies.

Research & Development

Technology is an extremely dynamic field. R&D is a fundamental aspect of the IS Department workload. IS Staff must remain up-to-date with the available and attainable technology that will best meet UMC's needs. The IS Department controls its R&D by policy. We use Best Practice standardized processes to implement any changes due to its importance and significant impact potential.

Systems Administration & Software Support

I maintain directional oversight in both hardware and software for all IT systems that are managed by the IS Department. I oversee all software system purchases, implementations, contractual negotiations, and annual maintenance agreements.

The IS Department provides software support to all departments that use an IS managed system via assigned IS Liaisons. Additionally, each system has one or multiple administrators who perform the daily technical and setup processes needed to keep the systems functional. For additional details on each Job Classification, please refer to the staff's individual web pages:

Information Technology

IS Assistant Director – has the following Primary system assignments: the UMC Website, Social Media, Patient Portal, IT forms management, IT Inventory system, Help-desk, and IT Purchases.
Sr. Network Administrator (NA) – has the following Primary system assignments: Control of the main technical aspects of the UMC Network’s infrastructure regarding the development, management, and monitoring of: Servers, IPs, Routers, Switches, WAPs, Circuits, and Backup and Recovery Systems. Cover the CT role in EP and provide CT coverage as needed for the Jr. NA in DR/BKT.
Jr. Network Administrator – has the following Primary system assignments: Monitor and maintain our VoIP Phone system, Monitor our DR/BKT Circuits, Technical Writer, and also serve as backup to the Sr. NA monitoring systems listed above including providing assistance in R&D and Network upgrades. Cover the CT role in DR/BKT and provide CT coverage as needed for Sr. NA in EP.
Computer Technician (CT) – has the following Primary assignments: Setup, install, troubleshoot, repair, and update all Workstations and peripherals. The CT also serves as the Primary IT Liaison for Dental and WIC and provides coverage of the VoIP Phone system monitoring and phone maintenance. [This job classification is currently unbudgeted due to budget limitations.] (The NAs currently address these duties as time permits.)

Software Support: Training & Reporting

Software Support Coordinator – Serves as the Primary IS Liaison for BO, FP, and DR Admin and also assists the Software Support staff as a primary resource as needed. This position coordinates all Software Support team projects and covers all Software Support positions as needed on tasks requiring immediate attention. This position Monitors the AM Logons and produces the monthly monitoring logs for HIPAA compliance. The role coordinates the Provider EDI enrollment and deactivation process with the Vendor, IS, BO, and HR staff. This staff member also assists the Report Writer with procedural reviews to determine the fields needed on the reports. Additionally, the Coordinator trains other departments to process their reports in Practice Analytics. The Software Support Coordinator also works on formats in the PM/EHR system for: claims, letters, reports, and forms facilitating patient processing. The Coordinator contacts the vendor when support is needed, providing all necessary documentation and information as required by the vendor.

Clinical EHR Specialist – Serves as the Primary IS Liaison for Nursing, Medical, Dental, and QI in the use of the EHR system, providing written procedures as needed. This staff member also assists Lab, Radiology, Pharmacy, Family Planning, and other staff in their use of the EHR system. The Clinical EHR Specialist performs the IT and EHR New Provider Orientation training. This position monitors and maintains the EHR system; alternates with the Software Support Coordinator on a monthly rotation in monitoring the AM Logons; serves as the Primary IS Liaison for special clinical projects (ICD10, MU, and CQM) and participates in the QI/QA Committee. The current Clinical EHR Specialist also provides CPR classes in DR/EP.

Software Support Report Writer – Develops all requested Practice Analytics queries and trains end users to process these reports with or without additional Selection Criteria changes. Report Writers must perform adequate systems analysis before beginning a report query setup due to the changing nature of our practice. As needed, the Report Writer works with the Software Support Coordinator and the end user to select the most relevant fields based on the applicable posting processes and systems analysis. This position serves as the Primary IS Liaison for EP Admin, Fiscal, and HR.

Software Support Specialist – Serves as the Primary IS Liaison for MR and Dental. This staff member Monitors Invoices and Plans for all UMC phone lines; maintains up-to-date lists of all UMC phones; labels all phone lines; and follows up and reports all discrepancies. This position works with the IS Assistant Director and uses the IT Inventory system to capture and label all UMC IT equipment as required for HIPAA compliance. The Software Support Specialist also performs some Administrative Assistant duties: answers phones, assists vendors and other IS Bldg guests, hosts and facilitates IS meetings and training sessions, maintains the assigned HIPAA and UMC Policy Binders up-to-date, and Covers the Software Support team as needed on tasks requiring immediate attention.

Software Support Specialist – Serves as the Primary IS Liaison for BKT, Lab, and X-ray staff. This position creates and manages logons for the IS managed systems; maintaining appropriate documentation for HIPAA compliance. This staff member receives all IT Purchases and mail arriving at the IS Bldg; Monitors Logon Failures and notifies department leaders for appropriate follow up for HIPAA compliance; processes Greenway Invoices; and Monitors the Help-desk system to re-assign tickets as needed. The Software Support Specialist also performs some Administrative Assistant duties: answers phones, assists vendors and other IS Bldg guests, hosts and facilitates IS meetings and training sessions, maintains the assigned HIPAA and IS Policy Binders up-to-date, and Covers the Software Support team as needed on tasks requiring immediate attention.


An essential responsibility of the IS Department is ensuring data privacy via effective network security. We perform an annual Security Risk Assessment as required for HIPAA compliance. Our Security Plan covers the mandated Administrative, Physical, and Technical Controls. This includes Administrative and Technical Policies, Procedures, Plans, BAAs, Reports, Monitors, Logs, Controls, Physical locks and Privacy screens preventing unauthorized disclosures, Managed Logons and Passwords, Backups and Recovery Plans and Systems, Best Practice Standards, Encryption, Staff Training and regular Reminders. The following is the Security Risk Assessment IS Assignments: NLM – IS Liaison to MR, and Dental, and Prepares assigned HIPAA Binders; CFP – IS Liaison to BO, DRRX, and DR Admin, and Prepares assigned HIPAA Logs; LAG – IS Liaison to EP Admin, Fiscal, and HR; EMR – IS Liaison to Clinical, CPI, and WIC; CXR – IS Liaison to BKT and Lab, and Prepares assigned HIPAA Binders; JAA – IT Hardware, Network, Connectivity Equipment Inventory list; ASV – IT Software Inventory list, MPLS system, and VoIP Phones; NVC – IS Department SRA; and MEE – IS Policies, IS Security Plan, and the Security Risk Assessment Report.

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