Nora L. Martinez

August 14, 2019 | by itsupport

Software Support Specialist | Del Rio, TX

Nora started working at UMC in 1991 as a Del Rio Medical Records Receptionist/Switchboard Operator performing various front office tasks. After she became familiar with chart forms, she worked as a Medical Records Clerk, Integrated Eligibility Clerk, and a Registration Clerk. During this time she brought up several ideas for improvements, like adding slots to the schedules for walk-ins and having a Patients Rights and Responsibilities bulletin, earning her a raise at that time.

Later, while working at another outpatient healthcare facility performing front office tasks, she gained cashiering experience. With this knowledge, in 1999, she obtained a position in the Del Rio Business Office Department as a BO Insurance/BO Clerk Cashier. She was responsible for cashiering, posting Medicaid payments, and processing the daily deposits.

In 2002 Nora transferred into the IS Department. As an Electronic Data Processing Technician she worked with Cindy and Carlos, sharing the load of submitting all electronic claims on a daily basis, processing the clinic rate adjustments for Medicare and Medicaid claims, processing the monthly patient statement batches and helping with system implementations and training.

Through diligence and perseverance Nora earned an Associate Degree in Management in May 2005 from SWTJC.

In her spare time she enjoys reading and spending time with her extensive family which includes parents, siblings, cousins, children, grandchildren and pets.

Software Support

As a Software Support Specialist, my primary role is to provide assistance in the correct and expanded use of the practice management system. I ensure data integrity is maintained by assisting my liaison departments in system procedural matters or clarifying system functionality questions as needed. I also assist with system customization for data fields needed by Health Records and Dental staff, coordinating with the vendor as needed. Another daily assignment is maintaining the Referral Provider file as requested by Clinical and Health Records staff.

IS Liaison

I serve as the IS Liaison for Health Records and the Dental Departments. I am their first point of contact when any IS assistance is needed with their IS-managed systems or with the annual Security Risk Assessment.


I provide coverage for the other Software Support team as needed on tasks requiring immediate attention.

HIPAA Security Risk

I maintain three of our HIPAA Security Risk compliance binders: Security Risk Assessment Reports with backup documentation, Security Risk Audit Logs, and the Mobile Device Assignment and Agreement forms. Another Security Risk task I perform is IT Inventory Control. I create and assign IT Inventory Asset tags for all new purchases. I am also working on the IT Inventory Asset tags for our current equipment.

Administrative Assistant

In my Administrative Assistant capacity I answer calls to the IS Bldg, assist vendors and other IS Bldg guests, plus I host and facilitate IS meetings and training sessions. I ensure that the UMC Policies Binders for IS Dept in Eagle Pass and Del Rio are up-to-date with copies of all UMC Policies and applicable IS Dept Signatures. I review and process all the invoice documents for the phone vendors Verizon and AT&T. These invoices typically have many items on the invoices that require follow up. Some of my most notable findings for refunds are: the lines billed were not the lines ordered, plans billed were not the authorized plans, double billing, and taxes. Also, managing our phone lines has significantly reduced costs by finding and disconnecting obsolete lines. Another cost savings was obtained by combining alarm lines whenever possible.

Special Projects

As a member of the Software Support team, I assist in various IT projects as needed. Some of our projects include setting up the workstations and other IT equipment in the Green Cluster and at EIC, setting up and updating the workstations' TeamViewer and labels, gathering the inventory data for the IT Equipment Inventory and assisting with checking the Intergy system after each upgrade.

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